Salon Joussour

Salon Jousssour

The world of classical Arabic music is one of passion, poetry, nuances and details. But the background of this genre, its instruments and musical language are still unknown to most people in the Netherlands. That's why bass player Tony Overwater created Salon Joussour, a salon like those of the 19th century in Paris, where music lovers, musicians and students used to meet to discover Arabic classical music together.

Salon Joussour unlocks the essence of Arabic music and strikes a bridge with European music, by pairing renowned Dutch musicians like Tony Overwater, Rembrandt Frerichs, Vinsent Planjer, Maarten Ornstein and others, to a guest from the Arab world. This guest differs with every project.





  • Tony Overwater Ensemble - Om de Oude Wereldzee
  • Rima Khcheich - Washwishni