Rembrandt Frerichs Trio

Rembrandt Frerichs Trio

The Rembrandt Frerichs Trio has been performing at the international concert venues for the last 12 years. Frerichs is known to be an innovative pianist and composer, forming part of the Dutch jazz top. The trio furthermore exists of renowned bass player and composer Tony Overwater - winner of the Dutch VPRO / Boy Edgar Prize - and percussion novelist and composer Vinsent Planjer. Their music is often described as poetic, visual and impressionistic.

The trio performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival several times. They frequently play at the major Dutch concert venues and regularly tour the globe. In 2017, they have been to Iran, Taiwan, Tunisia, The UK , France and Belgium. Since 2013, the trio has become increasingly popular with classical music audiences, playing baroque music on copies of early music instruments.





2007 - Self Portrait (studioalbum)

2009 - Ordem E Progesso Vol.1 (studioalbum)

2009 - Ordem E Progesso Vol.2 (studioalbum)

2010 - Sehnsucht (Live opname)

2011 - Levantasy (Studioalbum)

2012 - Continental

2014 - A Long Story Short

2018 - The Contemporary Fortepiano